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Reasons Why Restaurant Businesses in California Fail

Another key factor is their ability to market well. Understand how they are going to increase or maintain the flow of customers. Right. Yes that’s very important. Because usually what will happen in the first year a restaurant’s in businesses

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Successful Small Business: Burton & Clark Construction, Inc.

Burton & Clark Construction, Inc. is a small business in California that offers spray foam insulation services. This video talks about the services they provide for commercial buildings in Los Angeles, California. Commercial Building Spray Foam Application by Burton &

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Types of Startup Companies in California

This video discusses the types of startup businesses that Profitwise Accounting has worked with. Watch to learn! What are the Different Kinds of Startups in California? Below is the transcript of the video: What did you call that initial session?

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Small Business in California: Spray Foam Application

Burton & Clark Construction, Inc. is a small business in California that offers spray foam installation services. In this video, they talk about the special applications for spray foam. Special Applications for Spray Foam Insulation – Part One The following

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Prevent Marriage Through McNamee Mediations’ Marriage Contract

Colleen McNamee is the owner of McNamee Mediations, a small business in California that offers divorce mediation services. They also offer other services including those that could potentially prevent divorce. This article is a transcript of a video where Colleen

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Benefits of Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation is a good small business to start in Orange County, California, because more and more couples seek a mediator instead of a divorce attorney. There are a lot of benefits of seeking a divorce mediator when planning to

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McNamee Mediations – A Successful Small Business in California

McNamee Mediations is a successful small business in California. One of the marketing measures they use to promote the company online is posting videos about their services on social media sites. This article is a transcript of Colleen McNamee’s interview

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Marriage Mediation – A Good Business in California

Marriage mediation is a good business to get into because divorce is one the rise in California. One of the most common causes of couples separating is financial infidelity. The following is a transcript of an interview with Colleen McNamee

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10 Useful Tips for Wine Retailers – Starting Up, Choosing Wine Storage Racks, and More!

Indulging in the wine business is undoubtedly a wise strategy in the present time.  According to a non-profit wine trade association in California, a big population of the wine drinkers consists of the baby boomers and those between the ages

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All About Articles of Incorporation

Many businesses in Orange County, California have incorporated because of the various benefits that come along with a corporate business structure. One of the biggest benefits is that Corporations provide protection for their owners’ personal assets if the company incurs

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