Expertise Expected from Business Attorneys in Orange County, CA

All small businesses in California need a business attorney. A corporate attorney will assist you in many aspects of your business, from liability issues and lawsuits to advice on copyright and trademark concerns.

There are different kinds of lawyers, depending on their field of expertise. Each lawyer should have an in-depth knowledge of the field that they are involved in. For example, medical negligence solicitors must be knowledgeable about the legalities in the medical field. In the same way, corporate attorneys who involve themselves in business litigation, real estate and corporate law must have the necessary knowledge and skills in fields that are relevant to their practice.

For the good of your business, hire the most competent corporate attorney you can. Read through this article to learn about the necessary skills that your corporate lawyer in Orange County, California should have.

1. Real Estate. 

Not a lot of people know that leases of commercial space (e.g. retail stores, offices, etc.) are often drafted to benefit the owner, and make it appear that they are non-negotiable. A good corporate lawyer will be your advocate by creating a tenant’s addendum. This is a section wherein specific aspects of a rental contract are clarified, or perhaps new rules that were not in the original lease are added, without changing the entire document. A tenant’s addendum will protect both the owner and the tenant.

2. Business Organizations. 

One of the toughest decisions to make when starting a small business in Orange County is what type of legal structure you want your business to be. The type of legal structure you decide on will determine the taxes that you will be paying, the ability of your company to raise money, personal liabilities and the amount of paperwork that you will be required to complete. Having a competent business attorney in California will help the decision making become easier, and lessen the burden of preparing the needed paperwork.

3. Contracts.

Contracts will always be part of any business, whether big or small. You need a corporate lawyer who can competently make a good contract, because a single mistake can cause a lot of financial stresses and liabilities later on.

4. Taxes 

Every small business in Orange County has an accountant as well. The corporate attorney should work hand in hand with the accountant in certain areas (like taxes). Before the company’s accountant prepares federal business tax returns, the corporate lawyer should register your business for state tax identification numbers. The business lawyer should also thoroughly explain to you the consequences of the transactions that you might engage in.

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