Small Businesses and Trade Show Displays

Small businesses can really benefit a lot from a trade show. When putting up a trade show display, one of the challenges is standing out, because almost all booths look the same. It is important that your booth looks exceptional because thousands of trade show booths are on-site and every single one of them is competing for the same audience. In this post, learn how to make your trade show display stand out from the rest.

1. Engage Your Trade Show Booth Visitors

Put up an experiential trade show exhibit, so that passersby can get interested in your brand. You want your visitors to have a memorable experience when they visit your booth. Be creative and customize your booth in such a way that visitors will not just find your display informative but also entertaining. One way is to provide quick games for them to play. Provide a small area where visitors can play your games. Make sure that the games are related to the overall message that you are sending. Trivia is one fun game you can try. Moreover, in order to engage your visitors well, make sure that your booth staff is well-trained to communicate and answer questions.

2. Invite Potential Customers into the Trade Show Display

Do not just flood people with information. You need to take a step further and invite them in. Counters, kiosks and modular trade show displays give you the opportunity of inviting clients in. Station your staff where they can personally welcome each visitor into you booth.

Invite potential customers before the day of the trade show. Trade shows generally have a list of attendees. You can ask for the list from the organizer and start sending them emails or contacting them. Give them information about your products and services and invite them to visit your booth during the trade show.

3. Make Your Display Eye-Catching

People should notice your booth from a far off. Be creative and use attention-grabbing colors and designs. Have banner stands, light boxes and towers to call attention. Just make sure that none of these will overshadow the marketing message that you are trying to send. Every single design in a trade show display should be help deliver your advertising message clearly.

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