Reasons for Trade Show Booths to Fail

Small businesses will do just about anything to boost their sales. This is where advertising comes in. One of the most common means through which to advertise a business are trade show exhibits. Sometimes trade show booths can be ineffective, due to certain mistakes. Avoid committing any by learning about them.

Here are a few of the common mistakes entrepreneurs make when putting up a trade show booth display:

Mistake # 1: Poor Planning

A good trade show booth needs to be planned well. In order to have a successful booth, you need to have a formal comprehensive plan first and foremost. This includes the marketing plan (materials and actions before, during and after the show), a budget plan (no room for overspending) and a timeline (decide how long you will be putting up the booth for).

Mistake # 2: Faulty Marketing Strategies

The majority of your planning should focus on your marketing strategies. Part of your marketing strategy is knowing what exact message you intend to send your potential customers. If you have no specific message to send, customers get confused with regards to your entire advertising point. Also, part of your marketing strategy is identifying your target market. Knowing the specific group you intend to sell your product and services to will help you mold your advertising in such a way that it will appeal to your target market.

Mistake # 3: Actual Booth or Exhibit Flaws

Your actual booth should be built well, meaning it should not only be durable, but also creatively designed, with the correct display size and appropriate staffing. A trade show booth should be made to attract customers, not bore them. The prints and graphics on your exhibit should also be legible enough that your potential clients can get your message, even when viewing your booth from a distance. Moreover, you should have competent staff to entertain your booth visitors.

Mistake # 4: Failures in Follow Ups

Follow ups are an important part of marketing your business. A trade show booth may be well built, but without a follow up, your business will never succeed. A good follow up should be prompt (as soon as possible after the trade show exhibit), done through appropriate methods (emails are less intrusive and less annoying than phone calls) and consistent.

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