Corporate Lawyers Are Needed in Some Legal Issues but Not in Others

In a business, there will be times when an owner will have to decide if he needs to hire a corporate lawyer for a certain business matter or not. A business lawyer can be very helpful in many situations, such as during the process of incorporating a business, creating contracts, and even when you need to be represented in a litigation. But there are also scenarios wherein a business attorney in California is not needed. If you can identify scenarios in which a corporate attorney is not needed, you will find yourself saving your business unnecessary expense.

Each business is unique. There are cases that may need a lawyer in some types of business but may not need one in others. It is important to have an initial consultation with a business attorney, so that the complexity of your company’s needs is accurately evaluated.

Here is a short list of scenarios, in which you will most definitely require the service of a competent corporate lawyer in Orange County, California.

1. Incorporating a Business

When you form a corporation, you will most definitely need have a corporate lawyer in Orange County to help you in the process of incorporation. Actually, you need a business attorney in the process of forming any legal business entity, including a business partnership or a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC). The process of forming these legal business entities is a very complex one, and any mistake could cause more problems in the future that you want to avoid. Although the articles of incorporation may be filed without a business attorney, the administrative side (handling the tax and legal requirements of the process incorporation) must be taken care of under competent legal counsel.

2. Filing a Patent

Patents are not only expensive, they are also time consuming. In fact, having a patent approved can sometimes take years. This is the why, in the marketplace, you will find many “patent pending” messages. Patenting is not required for all types of products and services. It usually benefits those who are in the pharmaceutical or biotech industries. If you are not in these types of businesses, seek the counsel of your corporate lawyer in CA, regarding the need to patent your product. Also, ask your business lawyer about the rights you will achieve if you do have your products and services patented.

3. Litigation

Obviously, you will need the help of a competent incorporation attorney when you file or when you face a lawsuit. Lawsuits are not uncommon in the business world. The most common lawsuits are those that involve discrimination, harassment, environmental issues and government investigations for legal violations.

4. Purchasing or Selling a Business

It is wise to seek the counsel of a good corporate lawyer in California in negotiating sale or lease agreements of businesses.

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